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Overpriced Furnace Transformer

Called these guys to clean my furnace ducts. Was told on site that my furnace transformer provided 27V instead of 24V. They replaced the transformer and charged me $235. Afterwords I checked on the internet, you get the same transformers (Products Unlimited) for between $60 and $70.

By: slinke

C N Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Vancouver, BC



so do you know how to install this part???? do you expect that a company will come to your house and put a part into your furnace for free??? no the company is in business to make money. after they installed this part does your furnace work???? i have used these guys for over 10 years and at least they don't come in and try and push a furnace on you that don't need. i find that their prices are fair and they are honest guys